Harold Health was established in 2008 with the purpose of providing private nursing services and home based care services. Harold Health has been providing care to patients that had been involved in motor vehicle accident since its inception and has provided care to individual patients. Our strong brand is supported by the management and professional team experience in different aspects and sectors of health management.

We have a certified and a qualified team to support our patients with a variety of specialised services and optimised care.With all the wealth of experience and comprehensive service offered to patients, Harold Health has introduced a new paradigm in home base care and nursing services, bringing in new medical information systems, advance nursing services and easy financially accessible nursing services to accommodate a larger population.

The general perception of private nursing is that they are substandard services for frail care and terminal core  and are normally minimized to these services.Harold Health aims to change the mindset with regards to Home Private Nursing while enforcing quality care and offering a wide range on comprehensive and holistic services.The business approach to private nursing and our strategic focus is based on our core philosophy:


Our Philosophy: “Nursing services that matter for your livelihood is our business”


Our Mission

To provide high quality professional private nursing care that promotes, restores and maintains patient maximum level of health while introducing a new paradigm in the perception of home based nursing services and allowing accessibility of high quality private medical care to all South Africans.


Our Vision

To be an innovative leader of Private Home nursing in South Africa and the African continent


Our Values

Harold Health subscribe to the following values:

  • Human dignity